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Title of the Project: „Efficient solutions for social and labour (re)integration: I Am, I Can and I Want to Work“.

Participants (target groups):Members of social risk families;Individuals with disabilities.

Objective of the Project: 

To create and apply effective practice based measures (services) for social and labour (re)integration of project participants suffering social risk and exclusion.

The mechanism of social and labour empowerment of project participants: 

Social and labour empowerment of project participants will be reached trough implementation of various social services (including social work, psychology, career management etc.) covering main 3 fields / stages of social formation:

Social Rehabilitation;

Vocational Rehabilitation;

Work Integration.

The activities of the project comprise the following measures and services:Activities of individual needs assessment;Activities of individual and group motivation to acquire education or work;Activities of individual’s social and independent living and working skills training, maintenanceand restoration;Activities of self-help groups organisation;Professional orientation, advising and consulting, assessing of vocational skills, its restoration anddevelopment;Practical training in a working place (working skills development);Development of general literacy skills;Vocational training;Mediation and related help when employing and after employment of project participants;Training and qualification raising measures of social workers, psychologists and volunteers or otherstaff members working in the project.

Project results: After finishing the 6 months long program of social and labour rehabilitation theproject participants will gain practical knowledge and skills enabling to live independently andactively.

Participants of the project will learn:

To look for and find the work (look for a job, find information and disseminate personal profile ofjob seeker (CV) through various information sources and channels;

To get acquainted with the job search instruments and work documentation;

Properly represent oneself in job interviews and related events (conversation with an employer,selection competitions to a work place etc.);

To work with computer and arrange common type work documents;

To plan and organize one‘s working activities and keep one‘s working discipline and order.

The staff of NGO Social innovations centre that is involve to the project will give all efforts to help get employed no less than 27 % of participants with disabilities and no less than 30 % participants belonging to social risk families.

International partners:Siawns Teg, Didžioji Britanija;ATENA sarl, Italija.

Project duration: 27th February 2012 – 26th February 2015

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