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Project title:Volunteers Welcome!

Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme, GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership.Project summary:Volunteerism is on the rise today as a unique means of informal learning for people in all age groups. Our aims include: To boost the public’s motivation to engage in voluntary work&also, benefit from volunteers’ personal experience. To help volunteers gain new skills& competences to deal with the voluntary work they’re involved in to contribute & enhance the ideals of solidarity & cooperation in the community. To foster cooperation between EU organizations & share good practice in the training of volunteers & handling of the issue. To provide volunteering opportunities for persons via contacts with voluntary organizations, public or private. The project objectives: organizing meetings, workshops, presentations with local/regional authorities/relevant institutions ,enabling voluntary organizations to inform community about their achievements, launching the Website for dissemination, producing training and dissemination materials(leaflet, poster)& e-brochure of alternative good practices, providing short training for volunteers, training& enabling volunteers to offer their support in local care homes for the elderly and children, charity, environmental and educational organizations engaged in voluntary work. Planned activities: needs analysis, four workshops with schools & voluntary organizations & local/public authorities, development of a framework for the project activities & of training programme & materials, transnational meetings, evaluation activities, dissemination, Final Conference We expect: Raised awareness of volunteerism & social issues, support for voluntary organizations, personal development, Website, info materials( leaflet, poster)e-brochure of good practices, guidelines on CD-ROM, transfer of knowledge between organizations, the final report, intercultural dialogue.Project partners:– Kocaeli Kültürel Gelişim ve Dayanışma Derneği (Turkey), (project coordinator);– Università Itinerante della Terza Età- Verona (Italy);– FUNDACJA WSPIERANIA ROZWOJU INNOWACJI I KREATYWNOŚCI “INNCREA” (Poland);– ONAGEB.SPAIN (Spain);– VsI Socialiniu inovaciju centras (Lithuania);– August Horch Akademie GmbH (Germany);– Maison de la promotion Sociale (France).Project duration: 2011 August – 2013 – JulyProject activitiesThe project is funded by the European Commission and it is administered by Lithuanian national agency Education Exchanges Support Foundation.

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