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Project title:

Positive parenthood school

Project summary:

In Siauliai the families at social risk are provided with enough psychological, social and educational services.

However, there are no consistent psychosocial or educational services for the rest of the families (parents) with under-aged children in Siauliai. Being a responsible parent requires a lot of effort, patiency and sacrifice but it helps to solve many problems related to the upbringing: misbehaviour, deceit, thefts, crime etc.

Positive parenthood is a model of upbringing when the parents focus on promoting behaviour rather than on the punishment for misbehaviour.

The aim of the project is to teach the parents to educate their children in a positive way to make them behave, be able to communicate and control their emotions.

Main project activities:

1) The seminars: When your children “drive you crazy“; How to end a children fight; Anger management; How to avoid quarrels when completing tasks; Enhancing self-esteem. During the seminars the parents learn about the ways to cope with difficulties; they have an opportunity to develop new skills of positive communication with children in a practical way.

2) Individual consultancy. During the individual consultancies the parents discuss unique difficulties of communicating with children in the families; they find out the reasons of their destructive behaviour, name the consequences and discuss possible positive ways of solving problems.

3) Independent learning. The participants of positive parenthood school read 3-4 lectures a week on their own. Every lecture describes a situation and gives a solution to it. The parents have an opportunity to apply these new solutions to conflict situations in their personal practice.

4) Group reflection of independent learning. After having read the lectures the parents share their opinions, attitudes and experience in a group with other participants and solidify their newly acquired knowledge.

5) Family afternoon. To the family afternoon we invite the participants of the school together with their family members (husbands, wives and children). While spending the day with their families they apply their knowledge in practice and receive support from both other participants and the staff. Moreover, the programme of family afternoon includes various games, quizes, interactive activities for the whole family. The participants of positive parenthood school acquire additional knowledge and skills of how to spend the leisure time of the family meaningfully and how to engage the children.

Project duration:

June 2012 – December 2013

You are welcome to visit our project website:

The Department of Social Services Provision at the Ministry of Social Security and Labour is responsible for monitoring of the project.

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