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This time the MENTOR partners met in Loughborough, UK!

Partners Apricot Training Management LTD organized a great meeting, where training for curators took place on November 5-7. Training helped tutors to getting acquainted with conceptual framework of Career centered mentoring approach and develop their skills to transfer knowledge to mentors and supervise mentoring processes. Tutors will be able to understand guidance needs of adults in disadvantage situation and enhance their social relationships and emotional well-being, improve their soft skills through instruction and conversation, and promote positive identity development through serving as role model and advocates. Training of tutors will ensure sustainability of the Project results and continuity of career mentoring activities. Trained tutors will have competence and skills to continue training of mentors and supervising of mentoring processes. Educational activities as well discussion and dialogues with the beneficiaries (trainees) make them internalise and fully accomplish the competencies on which their are working through the training path.

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