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Partner Meeting of the ERASMUS + K2 Project ,,Enhancing Disabled people-Greatness and Their . . .

Partner Meeting of the ERASMUS + K2 Project ,,Enhancing Disabled people-Greatness and Their Employability” (EDGE) in Milan

ocialiniu Inovaciju Centras (SIC) is a partner in the ERASMUS + K2 ,,Enhancing Disabled people-Greatness and Their Employability” (EDGE) project for the employment of young people with intellectual disabilities. The project aims to develop and test innovative  methodologies and tools for training young people and creating inclusive environments in companies. The project is coordinated by the Milan SIR Consortium, Italy. The project involves Socialiniu Inovaciju Centras (SIC), Lithuania, eCampus University – Italy, Fenacerci – Portugal, University of Thessaly – Greece, Die Querdenker – Austria, Inova Ltd – United Kingdom. All partners work together to develop new work and social inclusion tools for young people with disabilities, raising young people’s awareness, self-employment and workplace learning.

December 4-6, 2019 a working meeting of the project participants took place at Cascina Bellaria headquarters in Milan, Italy. During the meeting, the partners welcomed the success of the project and presented examples of good practice in the employment of people with disabilities. The restaurant "First pancake" in Vilnius, founded by Dutch businessman T. van Wijk, was very impressed with the participants of the meeting. The idea behind the restaurant is simple – people who visit there understand that working with a disability is normal. An example of this is raising people’ s awareness of the issue. During the meeting partners discussed about implementing actions aimed at entering the labour market – preparing young people with intellectual disabilities to experiment with new recruitment strategies; promoting the ways in which young people become creators of their future.

In February 2020, the project participants will meet again in Italy. The meeting will showcase an innovative product – a computer game that will promote young people’s entrepreneurship education, as well as self-employment skills and opportunities.

The Socialiniu inovaciju centras  (SIC) is ending the year of  2019 with another success indicator – winning Erasmus + Strategic Partnership in Adult Education project, “My Disability is NOT an obstacle to my sexuality”.

The project will run for 24 months. Project coordinator – Manisa Rehberlik ve Arastirma Merkezi – Turkey. Project participants: Social Innovation Center – Lithuania, ARDA Beratung & Bildung GmbH Germany, International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences – Italy, WYZSZA SZKOLA BIZNESU I NAUK O ZDROWIU – Poland.

The main goal of the project is sexual education of people with disabilities.

The first meeting of the project partners will take place in Poland on January  27-30.

The project is being funded by Erasmus+ programme and European Social Fund.

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