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Creative Working



Project title: Urban garden specialist

Project number: NPAD – 2021/10161Urban Garden specialist

The aim is to create the new programme that will foster the concept of green cities. The programme will be designed to be launched both in the classroom or as a distance learning programme. It will assist adults in learning new skills that will help them to improve their living environments. The programme will target its enrolment at young people, adults, or seniors, and will foster the quality of these people’s lives. The programme will also be valuable for people from the unprivileged social backgrounds or disabled people, as it will allow them to gain basic skills to find a job as well as cope with social and psychological barriers. 

Project coordinators:

LV-CLIC Education Centre

Project partners: 

  1. LV-CLIC Education Centre

  2. LT – VsI Center for Social Innovarion (LT)

  3. SE-B- Creative Association (Sweden)(SE- BC)

  4. LV – Riga Technical University, Latvia (LV-RTU)

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