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Project title: CheckMate - Empowering Europeans towards a Media-Savvy Citizenry

Project number: 2023-1-AT01-KA220-ADU-000155104


1) Tackle misinformation in times of crisis, while bringing International Law closer to European citizens.

2) Strengthen media literacy by training participants in innovative strategies and methods to evaluate media reports.

3) Raise awareness and promote social dialogue among stakeholders aiming at developing new solutions to misinformation and suggest relevant policy recommendations.

4) Promote the use of (advanced) new technologies by stakeholders and participants in addressing the issue.


Expected results:

1) Best practices report on tackling misinformation and strengthening media literacy.

2) Establishment of a CheckMate network & execution of info sessions/workshops promoting social dialogue among industries and innovative solutions to misinformation.

3) Production of an open-source e-course to strengthen critical media literacy skills for adults.

4) Development of technological tools (metaverse platform and web browsing extension) to promote the use of technology in combating misinformation.


A consortium of partners:


Bürger/innen Forum Europa – Coordinator (Austria)

Syncnify – France

Centro per lo sviluppo creativo Danilo Dolci – Italy

Athens Lifelong Learning Institute  - Greece

Neapolis University Pafos – Cyprus

 VšĮ Socialinių inovacijų centras, - Lithuania



The CheckMate project, funded by Erasmus+, commenced in autumn 2023 with the aim of further support the cause of tackling mis- and disinformation and, by extension, limit its
consequences among the people directly or indirectly affected by the project’s activities.

Also, CheckMate aims to increase media literacy among adults by training participants in various methods and strategies to critically question and counter information.

The innovative tools developed as part of this initiative will encourage Europeans to remain vigilant, equip them with knowledge of international law, and enhance their critical thinking and media literacy skills.

We are delighted to be actively participating in this noteworthy project alongside partners from Austria, Greece, Cyprus, France, and Italy. The project partners convened in Vienna to initiate project activities promptly, striving to minimize the impact of fake facts and news in the future.

Stay updated on the project's developments by following the news on our website!

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