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Project title:

School on the Cloud: Connecting education on the Cloud for digital citizenship


Lifelong Learning Programme, KA3 multilateral networks

Project summary:

“The Cloud” is a major technological breakthrough. It is a special online network connecting members who have the access to use and login to the network. The Cloud provides the opportunity not only  interact with each other, but also to exchange the data, use ICT information, software (license and the appointed person updates the information), prepare online conferences, public seminars and distance training. It allows easily engage in formal and informal learning process.

Technologies invade the daily life:  there no single day when the person does not use a laptop, smart phone or other technologies. In the near future the ICT will become an inherent part of the training process.  Every learner will have the access to the personal device (laptop, phone, etc.,) of their own. This project is one of the most important challenges of the European Union until 2020.

The goals of the project:

To ensure a dynamic and interactive, multiple information network environment which provides the access to the different data formats.

The objectives of the project:

To crate the “Key Activity 3” network connecting all project institutions;To establish four working groups which manage resources and instructions;To create the tools and materials which will be useful to the learners to exchange experience, research data, information packs;To create the network connecting all learners;To disseminate about the use of Cloud in different wok areas;To exchange the good practice, to join national and European initiatives;To establish development and growth forum.

Expected project results

Undertake research and publish the “state of art”;Examine pedagogical approaches;Produce guidance resources for teachers and teachers educators;Establish four working groups themes on management (transition), iTeacher/Trainer, personalized learning and Cloud-based digital futures;Create a School on Cloud Web site with services offering access to materials, an online community, training opportunities and SoC products, research reports, resources etc.Create the network connecting participating institutions and expand partners’ community.

Project partners:

The project includes fifty-seven partners from Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Greece, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, United Kingdom and Lithuania. The project includes – training institutions (basic and secondary schools, high schools, universities, colleges, adult and vocational schools), NGO, national authorities, research centres, associations and adult education providers.

Project period:

The project will last from 01/01/2014 until 31/12/2016

Project website


On the 22nd – 23rd of March for the first time in warm and sunny Athens (Greece) project School on the Clouds (SoC) gathered 57 partners from 18 countries. VšĮ Socialinių inovacijų centras (SIC) was represented by psychologist Aurelija Adomavičiūtė.

Members of the first working group “I-Manager – Managing Cloud-based developments” of the project “School in the clouds” for the first time met in Šiauliai on December 16th

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