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Project Title:New skills for career guidance in response to the need for restructuring the labour market and the creation of new jobs (Skills4jobs)

Project number: VS/2013/0572

Programme: PROGRESS programme: Mutual learning in the field of skills and employment, EU Sector Skills Councils, Restructuring

Project summary: After having read the Green Paper on “Restructuring and anticipation of change: what lessons from recent experience?”(COM(2012)7 final), as well as the measures proposed in the Communication on employment of the Commission: “Towards a job-rich recovery” (COM (2012) 173 final), we consider that this project, together with other initiatives, contributes to move forward in the development of measures that promote and pursue the labour market restructuring towards the necessary transformation of the economy. And this will be achieved through the incorporation of new and better skills in the labour orientator’s professional profile, considering it as a “change promoter agent”.The professional orientator faces nowadays the difficult task to orientate people towards an uncertain, unknown and unpredictable future. For this reason, this professional cannot be unaware about the current socio-economic situation, being necessary to increase their competences and skills. This is required to them to be able to adapt to the fast changes and be able to give a flexible, personalized and suitable answer in order to:– Contribute to the challenge that competitiveness represents: the orientator will support companies offering them suitable information to allow them to better adapt to the economic situation– Contribute to the challenge of companies’ adaptability and workers employability: as a linking agent between:o Companies’ necessities to foresee competences and new emerging profiles in the labour marketo And workers orientation and support to the most suitable training and capacitationTo guarantee that companies have qualified work force– Contribute to create synergies between companies, local authorities and other local actors, cooperating with training providers: as a boosting agent of the necessary relations to foresee restructuring processes.To achieve this a comparative study will be elaborated by the partners defining the new skills and competences required for improving the orientation  services, which results will be spread through different dissemination activities within the partners’ territories and finally in Brussels, to arrive to the European Institutions.The main objective of the Skills4jobs project is to contribute  to the restructuring professional profile of the labor orientator as a change promoter agent and define the new skills, competences and tasks that are necessary to face societies’ and employment’s new challenges, Thanks to that, the following specific objectives will be achieved:– Contribute to disseminate the restructuring measures promoted by the European Commission regarding the current employment situation and its future perspectives in the frame of the European Employment Strategy– Restructure the orientator profile so that it can help to bring together companies responsibilities, social actors, public authorities and training centers in the current economic and social situation.– Contribute to define regulations that update the orientator’s functions and profile – both in the educative and labour field- and that identify new required skills and competences– Contribute in redefining primary and basic services of the Public Employment Services, as well as collaborative agents in labour orientation, through the specification of the new skills that orientators should assume.– Contribute to redirect the work force towards sustainable and growing activities, sectors and companies, as for  example the emerging ones: green economy, health, ICT– Contribute to improve the socio-labour situation of the more vulnerable groups (youth, women, low qualification workers, minorities, older workers…)by improving the quality of the orientator intervention– Promote the dissemination of the information and experiences exchange carried out in the frame of the professional orientation and capacitation both at European (EUROGUIDANCE,  E.L.G.P.N., CEDEFOP, EUROFOUND,  European Councils of Sectorial Capacities….), and at national level ( Lithuanian Labour Exchange)

Project partners:– UGT (Spain) project coordinators– Southampton City Council (United Kingdom)– The Regional Employment Agency of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy)– VsI Socialiniu inovaciju centras (Lithuania)– IEBA (Portugal)

Project duration: January 2014 – December 2014

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