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Project title:

Activate yourself!


The Youth in Action Programme of the European Union

Project summary:

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are one of the most complex neurological conditions which affect individuals in the field of social communication, interaction and flexibility of mind. Due to the nature of condition, people with ASD have difficulties in terms of self-advocating their fundamental rights. The project was developed to encourage active participation of young people with ASD, empower them as active citizens, make them aware of their role in creating their own future and promote their equal rights and opportunities.The consortium on nine organizations worldwide join together to help and guide youth with ASD in reaching their ultimate goal living independently in just society!Within the project young people with ASD will meet on regular basis to:– discuss the challenges they face in everyday life;– learn about their rights, campaigning and active citizenship;– make an awareness video to inform broader public about their situation;– prepare the World Autism Strategy – the proposal of the directives for decision makingorganizations focusing on the rights of young people with ASD.Also will be organized:– International youth conference in China;– The youth camp in Slovenia.

Project partners:

Center for Autism in Slovenia,Center for Autism in South Africa,VsI Socialinių inovacijų centras in Lithuania,Jamaica Autism Support Association,Beijing Stars and Rain Education Institute for Autism,Action for Autism in India,Autism Europe,The National Autistic Society in UK,The European Disability forum.

Project duration: 

01 10 2011-30 09 2012

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