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Name of the project: Social rehabilitation services for the disabled in the community

The aim of the project: The aim of the project is to help people with severe and moderate mental disabilities to improve their functional abilities, to help them successfully adapt and feel satisfied in a residential, work and social environment with the least possible professional supervision.

Project objectives: To develop, maintain or restore social and independent living skills. Provide employment services in craft groups. To organize the development of artistic and other skills. Make it possible to communicate and spend time meaningfully. The target group of the project is 26 disabled people - adults (aged 18 and over) with severe and moderate mental disorders (severe or moderate level of disability, or 0–40 percent level of working capacity) living in Šiauliai district. Project implementation duration - 12 months.

Main project activities: Development, maintenance or restoration of social and independent life skills of the disabled (identification, monitoring and evaluation of personal needs; personal development; development of personal socialization; self-presentation and representation in interpersonal relationships; income planning: methods and opportunities for personal and family budget planning and saving; formation of adaptation possibilities-empowerment, informing, consulting, mediation, representation;). Employment in various craft clubs and clubs (employment group). Project activities will help people with severe and moderate mental disabilities to improve their functional capacity, help them to adapt more successfully and feel satisfied in their living, working and social environments. Through personality self-development, participants will gain more emotional stability, self-esteem, tolerance and tolerance, reveal unique personality traits, establish meaningful relationships, earn sympathy and support from others, recognize the need to change and change their world and promote social awareness. During the development of personality socialization, the personal value and uniqueness of the participants will be revealed, the abilities of socially acceptable behavior will be established, problem-solving skills will be developed, resistance to negative experiences will be formed, and so on. In the activities of self-presentation and representation in interpersonal relationships, participants will learn new ways of effective communication, the ability to choose the most appropriate behavior will increase, there will be more self-control, commitment to relationships, and empathy. In income planning sessions, participants will learn new ways to plan and save for personal and family budgets and learn new opportunities. Through empowerment, information, counseling, mediation and representation, opportunities for personal social adaptation will be formed. The employment group will develop a wealth of participants' skills: accuracy, thoroughness, diligence, focus, following instructions, responding to assessments, sharing, collaboration, ability to solve problems, teamwork, level of activity, responsibility, and so on. The project is financed by Šiauliai District Municipality Administration.

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