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Project name:

Express yourself and get to know others!

Program: Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor Improving the Quality of Youth Activities in 2009 competition.

Project summary:

Lithuanian residents, compared to residents of other European Union countries, participate the least in voluntary activities. Eurobarometer surveys show that only 11% of The Lithuanian population works voluntarily, while in most European countries at least half of the total population say they volunteer. This project aims to raise young people's social competence and self-awareness through volunteering. Volunteering in institutions working with young people at social risk, and the practical competencies gained through it, can be a great incentive for self-realization and even choosing a profession. This experience will allow young people to see the other side - the marginalized side of society, to better understand its social problems. In the first stage of the project implementation, the project was presented in Šiauliai city and Šiauliai district gymnasiums and secondary schools, during which 16–19-year-olds. The students were introduced to the aims and objectives of the project, the traditions of volunteering in the world and in Lithuania, and the importance of volunteering in the activities of both governmental and non-governmental organizations. During these meetings with the school community, a target group of project participants was selected. In the second phase, the training of the project target group was carried out, which consisted of three parts. I. Participants were taught the basics of volunteering. II. The institutions of the partners participating in the project and the specifics of their work were presented, the participants were introduced to the main customer groups of these institutions. III. Conducted practical training: psychological games, tests to improve social skills and other practical tasks. The third stage of the project is practical volunteering. Project participants selected and distributed among the project partner institutions where they performed at 8 p.m. duration of voluntary activities.

Project partners:

– VšĮ Socialinių inovacijų centras (projekto koordinatorius);

– Lietuvos krikščioniškas labdaros ir gailestingumo fondas „Samarija“;

– Šiaulių miesto Šv. Apaštalų Petro ir Pauliaus Katedros parapijos vaikų dienos centras;

– Šiaulių miesto savivaldybės nakvynės namai;

– Šiaulių miesto klubas „Tarp savų”;

– VšĮ vaikų dienos centras „Mūsų draugas”.

Project implementation period: 2009 November - 2009 December.

Project report:

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