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Project title: DIGIPLAN

Project number: 2021-1-LT01-KA220-VET-000032923

The project DIGIPLAN is a 2 years Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training, with the main focus on Motivation and Time Management in Distance
Learning, designed to provide students with attractive educational resources to increase intrinsic motivation and learn effective time management, whilst it will also enable teachers and educators to gain knowledge and experience on the subject, which will allow them to work more effectively with students on increasing motivation and time management by creating an In-Service Training Programme, Handbook and dedicated Online Learning Portal.

Throughout 2 years of project implementation, the Transnational Partnership of DIGIPLAN aims at developing and achieving the following Project Results (PRs):

Project Result 1: Self-management resources for students - To create a dedicated framework of competences and a suite of self-management resources with aim of developing motivation
and time management. The tools will be directed at education providers to use during their classes with vocational education students.

Project Result 2: In-Service Training Programme and Handbook for Educators – to create and build with the knowledge to enable the successful use of the self-management toolkit in the teaching process and to develop and pilot the in-service training program and, to ensure the practical skill acquisition in order to effectively use the developed resources.

Project Result 3: Online Learning Portal - To provide an online learning portal (online course) on which the resources developed will be uploaded with open access for everyone interested in acquiring, improving or deepening motivation and time management in distance learning.


VšĮ “Socialinių inovacijų centras”

Acumen Training Z.o.o. – Poland
Pandokrator – Hungary
Future in Perspective LTD (FIP) – Ireland
SocialDNA – Netherlands



DIGIPLAN Final Conference: Presenting Project Results

The final ERASMUS+ project "DIGIPLAN" (number 2021-1-LT01-KA220-VET-000032923) conference was held at the Šiauliai Culture Center on October 30.

The conference presented the products and results created during the project. The learning platform was also presented and briefly explained how to use it. In addition, project coordinator Aistė presented a methodology to help teachers create more effective lesson plans.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Social Innovations Centre to host final ERASMUS+ project conference "DIGIPLAN" on October 30, 2023

Conference details:

  • Date: October 30, 2023

  • Time: 16:00

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Location: Šiauliai Culture Center, Aušros al. 31, entrance from the yard

Target audience:

  • Education professionals, social workers and psychologists from schools and other institutions, representatives from universities and schools

Project goal:

  • To provide students with effective learning resources to increase their intrinsic motivation and improve their time management skills.

  • Teachers will also be able to acquire knowledge and experience in this area, which will allow them to work more effectively with students to increase motivation and improve time management skills using the created professional development program, guide, and online learning portal.

Pre-registration is required by filling out the registration form:

Social Innovations Centre, Social Innovations Centre lecture-event for general education students at Šiauliai Technology Training Center.

Representatives of the Social Innovations Centre presented the Erasmus+ project "Digiplan" (project number: 2021-1-LT01-KA220-VET-000032923), the main goal of which is to provide students with effective learning resources to increase their intrinsic motivation and improve their time management skills.

During the lecture, students:

  • Became familiar with the online platform created during the project

  • Discussed the main topics of "motivation" and "time management"

  • Worked in teams to complete a fun, practical task that helped them develop their time management skills.


We present the first project's DIGIPLAN "Motivation and Time Management in Distance Learning" newsletter

We invite you to read:

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