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Program: European Union funds investment strategy for 2014-2020, the Priority 8 “Enhancing social inclusion and foghting poverty” implementation measure No.

Project title: ENABLE YOURSELF AND GO (Nr. 08.6.1-ESFA-V-911-04-0007)


Project duration: 48 months.

The project seeks to address sociocultural and labor integration problems of target groups (young unemployed and young economically inactive people who are or have been identified as custodians) by applying methods for social, psychological and educational empowerment. The goal of the project is to ensure the integration of young unemployed and young economically inactive people who are or have been custodially in custody into the community and the labor market, creating favorable conditions for self-empowerment and developing social skills and the skills necessary for the labor market – linked to the objective of the local development strategy of Šiauliai “Ensuring the social skills of young people and helping them integrate into the community.”


The following activities of the target groups will be addressed by the activities planned by the project:

problems of individual, social, professional and labor passivity and social isolation;

Lack of social and work skills;

problems of realization of self-expression;employment problems;

the lack of self-sufficiency, self-confidence and ability to assume responsibility for your personal life.


Expected results:

31 young people who are or have been given custody will acquire the necessary social skills by improving their social integration and the quality of their lives;

31 young people who have been or have been identified as custodians will acquire practical skills, thereby increasing their competitiveness in the labor market;

10 participants will try themselves out in volunteering;The employment rate of young unemployed in Siauliai will be improved.

MORE INFORMATION: Aurelija Jankienė eMAIL: MOB. +370 60076148

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