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Project title: „Enhancing Disabled – people Greatness and their Employability“

Program: ERASMUS + K2

Project summary:

According to the EU Disability Strategy 2010 – 2020, about 80 million people living in the EU have a mild to severe disability. About 47% of them are employed compared to 72% of people without disabilities. The obstacles they face, such as gaining access to training or employment, leave them vulnerable to social exclusion. Lower employment and education levels cause that the poverty rate for those with disabilities is 70% higher than the average. Among them, there are currently around 4 million people in the European Union who have Intelectual and relational Disabilities (ID). Their unemployment rate is more than twice as high as for the general population. Despite legislative reforms regarding employment and non-discrimination legislation, and despite financial incentives for employers, the employment rate of people with ID is still low in most of the EU countries. In Lithuania the employment situation for people with disabilities  is 30%, worse than in Austria, UK, Portugal.

Project is aimed at ideating and testing innovative approaches to foster the employability of young people with intellectual and relational disability, creating the ground for their inclusion in the labour market and in the society.

Purpose: EDGE is aimed at improving the well-being and quality of life of young people with mental and relational disabilities.


Creating innovative and ad hoc training methodologies for a successful job placement;

Prompting companies to be more proactive about hiring people with mental challenges;

Fostering entrepreneurial mindset, competencies and possibilities.


Consorzio Sir Solidarieta in rete (SIR), ITALY




Die Querdenker, Austria

Social Inovation Center (SIC), Lithuania


Melazeta srl, ITALY


2020 07 13

On February 3-5 ERASMUS + K2 ,,Enhancing Disabled people-Greatness and TheirEmployability”(EDGE) project for the employment of young people with intellectual disabilities took place in Milan at the SIR Consortiums Cosocial.

The purpose ofthe meeting was to create various scenes for a special game. This game is a new tool for young people with disabilities for work and social inclusion, raising young people’s awareness, self-entrepreneurship, and challenging work environments on work-based learning. EDGE game will be available online from June, 2020. It will be tested by a group of 65 young people from Italy and by groups of 35 young people from each partner country.

Partner Meeting of the ERASMUS + K2 Project ,,Enhancing Disabled people-Greatness and Their Employability” (EDGE) in Milan

Partner Meeting of the ERASMUS + K2 Project ,,Enhancing Disabled people-Greatness and Their Employability” (EDGE) in Milan

Socialiniu Inovaciju Centras (SIC) is a partner in the ERASMUS + K2 ,,Enhancing Disabled people-Greatness and Their Employability” (EDGE) project for the employment of young people with intellectual disabilities. The project aims to develop and test innovative methodologies and tools for training young people and creating inclusive environments in companies.

The project is coordinated by the Milan SIR Consortium, Italy. The project involves Socialiniu Inovaciju Centras (SIC), Lithuania, eCampus University – Italy, Fenacerci – Portugal, University of Thessaly – Greece, Die Querdenker – Austria, Inova Ltd – United Kingdom. All partners work together to develop new work and social inclusion tools for young people with disabilities, raising young people’s awareness, self-employment and workplace learning.

December 4-6, 2019  a working meeting of the project participants took place at Cascina Bellaria headquarters in Milan, Italy. During the meeting, the partners welcomed the success of the project and presented examples of good practice in the employment of people with disabilities. The restaurant “First pancake” in Vilnius, founded by Dutch businessman T. van Wijk, was very impressed with the participants of the meeting. The idea behind the restaurant is simple – people who visit there understand that working with a disability is normal. An example of this is raising people’s awareness of the issue.

During the meeting partners discussed about implementing actions aimed at entering the labour market – preparing young people with intellectual disabilities to experiment with new recruitment strategies; promoting the ways in which young people become creators of their future.

In February 2020, the project participants will meet again in Italy. The meeting will showcase an innovative product – a computer game that will promote young people’s entrepreneurship education, as well as self-employment skills and opportunities.

The third EDGE Project meeting

The third EDGE Project meeting (Enhancing Disabled people-Greatness and Their Employability) took place at 26-28th of June, 2019, far-off in Portugal. Partners from Italy, Austria, Greece, Lithuania (VSI Social Innovation Center) and United Kingdom were hosted by CERCICA, a large organization based in Portugal. In the aforementioned organization we were able to monitor the processes of education, therapy and productive work of people with disabilities. With this comprehensive project, we aim to develop various skills that people with intellectual disabilities could apply in work environment and work with companies that could employ people with disabilities. The third EDGE project meeting is the start of such cooperation. During the meeting, we started to develop a methodology that will be used by human resource specialists working in companies and the disabled themselves. The aim of the methodology is to help companies create an inclusive job design. The second target of the meeting was a tool to promote entrepreneurship for people with disabilities. The partners themselves were able to try out a variety of practical exercises, that help to develop a broad field of skills needed to become an employer for themselves. For more information and follow-up on project activities and results, we encourage you to visit the project website https://www.edge-erasmus.eu and the project’s Facebook account @EDGEErasmusProject .

MEETING On 11 – 12 of February, 2019, in Greece

On 11 – 12 of February, 2019, in Greece, in the cozy town of Volos, the second meeting of EDGE project (Enhancing Disabled-People Greatness and Their Employability) was held. The meeting was held by partners representing the University of Thessaly in Greece. Please note that one of the aims of the project is to facilitate the employment of people with disabilities. Project partners from Italy, Austria, Greece, Lithuania (NGO Social Innovation Center), Portugal and the United Kingdom made the first important work to develop a methodology based on the latest recommendations for professionals working with people with disabilities. Together with the project partners, we are working to create an effective tool for developing the qualities needed for employment and for keeping young people with disabilities in the labor market.

For more information and follow-up on project activities and results, we encourage you to visit the project website https://www.edge-erasmus.eu and the project’s Facebook account @EDGEErasmusProject .


On 5-6 of November, 2018, the kick-off meeting of EDGE project was held in Milan. The meeting was held in a wonderful country house where an organization engaged in the education and employment of people with disabilities has been operating. At the meeting, project partners were able to monitor the excellent example of integration of people with disabilities: in farmstead disabled people not only live, but also a lot of farm work is done by themselves.

Participants of the meeting (Consorzio Sir Solidarieta in rete (SIR) (Italy)) and partners from England INOVA CONSULTANCY LTD, Greek UNIVERSITY OF THESSALY – UTH, Portugal FENACERCI, Austria Die Querdenker, Lithuanian Social Innovation Center (SIC) and Italian R.Q.SRL and Melazeta srl presented the activities and experiences of each of the organizations represented, promoting the integration process of the disabled and providing comprehensive assistance to social groups that lack social or work skills.

After the presentation of the partners, the project’s objectives, expected results and project management plan were reviewed in general by the coordinating organisation (Consorzio Sir Solidarieta in rete (SIR) (Italy)). Each of the responsible organizations introduced the expected intellectual outputs. At the end of the first day of the meeting a quality plan for the implementation of the project was presented and discussed.

On the second day of the meeting the dissemination plan of the project activities and the role of each of the partner organizations in disseminating information about the activities being carried out were discussed. Also discussed were the calendar of project activities, the potential dates for meetings and the required reporting, the ways and means of internal communication. The meeting ended with a summary of the next upcoming steps.

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