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Building Resilience to Address Domestic Violence

Project name: Building Resilience to Address Domestic Violence 

Project code: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-0789


Domestic violence devastates families and communities across Europe. Families are meant to be the bedrock of our society. They are a safe environment for children to grow and develop; surrounded by care and love. When the bedrock is fractured, society crumbles. It is for this reason that the EMPOWER project aims to support these families, especially families at-risk of violence, to build their resilience to prevent domestic violence; through the development of unique, age-appropriate education materials that can be applied to a family-learning environment, to empower all family members to address violence in the home

Project partners: 

VšĮ Socialinių Inovacijų centras (Lithuania), Rightchallenge–Associação (Portugal),Skills Zone Maltaco. Limited (Malta), Centre for advancement of research and development ineducational technology ltd-cardet (Cyprus),Hauptstadftallee239 V V UG (Skills Elevation FHB) (Germany),Spectrum Research Centre CLG (Ireland)

Project news

We invite you to read the last newsletter of the project: Building Resilience to Address Domestic Violence
Project code: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-078983👇

EMPOWER-Newsletter-4-EN.docx (1).png

Yesterday (2022-10-13) project partners had final meeting in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A few of the partners had to attend this meeting online.


During the meeting all the partners updated about successfully

finished piloting of intellectual outputs. Everyone shared how their multiplier events went.


Moreover, 4th and final newsletter, prepared by VšĮ Socialinių inovacijų centras, was shown to the



Very soon you will be able to see the results of the project on the official EMPOWER website.


Stay tuned‼️

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„2021 kovo 1d.“ kopija (4).png
„2021 kovo 1d.“ kopija (5).png

Project "Building Resilience to Address Domestic Violence" Erasmus+KA204 Project code: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-0789 partner meeting and C1 training took place on 22 – 24 of the March.

At this meeting, the partners discussed developed intellectual products and we started the C1 training.

During the training, the partners were presented with prepared training plans and available theoretical and practical tasks.

The main goal of this training is to introduce and learn how to work with already developed project products (audio books, comics, digital magazines), as well as after the training, educators will be able to make a map of social services for clients who suffer from domestic violence.

After completing the trainings, the participants will be able:

  • recognize domestic violence in family,

  • communication skills development,

  • family violence theories and practice frameworks,

  • the dimensions of family violence, how it is created within our society be able to use special methods and practice.

Dizainas be pavadinimo - 2022-03-25T092330.926.png

Project "Building Resilience to Address Domestic Violence" Erasmus+KA204, project code: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-0789 partner meeting took place on 1st of the March.

At this meeting, the partners discussed:

  • Developed intellectual products;

  • Project dissemination;

  • C1 training, which will take place at the end of this month in Berlin, Germany!

Follow project news

EMPOWER Stiprinti nepakantumą smurtui seimoje _  (1).png

On the 28th of September an online meeting of the project ERSAMUS + "Building resilience to address domestic violence" was held. Project code: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-078983.

During the meeting, we discussed the work done, future plans and further meetings.

We work to strengthen intolerance of domestic violence by developing integrated products for professionals who work with people who have experienced violence.


Today, on 4th of June 2021, the meeting of ERSAMUS + project "Building Resilience to Address Domestic Violence" was held. Project code: 2020-1-KA204-7907B71C.

During the meeting, we discussed the work which was done, future plans and tried to plan the following meeting which will hopefully take place in Portugal!


2021 kovo 1d..png
2021 kovo 1d. (1).png
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