Įgyvendinti projektai

2017 m.

European approach to the development of educational support for social businesses

European Region Entrepreneurship connection (EFEB Network)

Theatre Art for education, Personal Development and European Citizenship

School on the Cloud: Connecting education on the Cloud for digital citizenship


2016 m.

Active job placement of disadvantaged women in the field of White Jobs (Residential and Assisted Living Care) – CAREMPLOY


2015 m.

Jaunų suaugusiųjų pagrindinių kompetencijų, reikalingų įsidarbinant/darbe vystymas ir tobulinimas, akronimas (E-FOLIO)

Efficient solutions for social and labour (re)integration: I Am, I Can and I Want to Work

Coaching skills for VET teachers for developing soft skills, key horizontal competences and entrepreneurship skills in VET students (KEYCOACH)

New skills for career guidance in response to the need for restructuring the labour market and the creation of new jobs (Skills4jobs)


2014 m.

Effective Training for Outsiders of the Society (ETOS)

SET4Work (Social Enterprise Training for Work)

Place and Train – providing products for professionals working with people with mental health issues to enable them to place their service users in employment and to encourage and support their access to adult education and lifelong learning 


2013 m.

Job Matching Diagnostics for Assessing Soft Skills and Work Role Preferences – DAISS

Volunteers Welcome!

Volunteer Management e-Learning – VOLMANEL

Positive parenthood school

Autism 112


2012 m.

Vocational Training Programme in Community Mental Health

UPS – Unused potentials of senior migrants – senior experts for life

Activate yourself!


2010  m.

The improvement of professional skills for staff working with elderly people

Creation and development of a communication network among state and non-governmental organizations that provide services for social integration, treatment and rehabilitation to individuals with addictive disorders

Implementation of reduction of social exclusion strategy for elderly people through development
of the system of complex services for self-support skills and rehabilitation services, while using the experience of Norwegian partners