COMUNITY FAMILY HOUSE Complex services for family in Šiauliai city municipality

Program: European Union funds investment strategy for 2014-2020, the Priority 8 “Enhancing social inclusion and foghting poverty” implementation measure No. 08.4.1 – ESFA – V – 416 “Complex services for family”.

Project title : “Complex services for family in Šiauliai city municipality” (No.08.4.1-ESFA-V-416-01-0008)

Project duration: 48 months.

The purpose of this project is to provide complex family services, together with preventive activities and to enable the family / person to overcome the problems.During the project, the project partners have established community-based family homes in the central and southern part of the city and provide comprehensive family services.

Information and advice is provided on up-to-date services at the Community House of Families and Šiauliai City Municipality. The community-based family home in the central part of the city is located at Ežero 8-122, Šiauliai, and is waiting for you. You can also contact by the indicated phone numbers, email or register yourself  here.



Psychological counseling
Positive paternity individual counseling and group activities
Family support group
Education of healthy lifestyle skills
Individual counseling and group activities for family members of violent behavior cases
Mediation service
Communication skills training for couples
Family skills training and socio-cultural services
Care of children from 3 to 7 years of age while parents (carers) are involved in activities